January 2, 2019
January 2, 2019

Frania HART (born Frania Feigin)


Frania Hart was born into a family of fabric merchants. She showed an interest in art at a very young age, and studied at the School of Fine Arts in Warsaw under Kostabinski. In 1921, she continued to study at an art school in Vienna and met Fritz Carp, a Viennese poet who was her companion until she arrived in France in 1928. In Paris, she enrolled in an art school, and spent time at the cafés in Montparnasse. She met painter Benjamin Raphaël Secunda, who worked as a taxi driver at that time. She participated in several group exhibitions in Paris and in Warsaw. She painted portraits and still lifes. During the war, Raphaël Secunda managed to sell some paintings, but Frania Hart had to work as a retoucher in order to survive. Their neighbor sculptor Vago-Weiss offered to hide them. Frania was arrested on July 18, 1943 and was deported on convoy number 57. Raphaël Secunda was arrested on July 22, 1942 and was deported on convoy number 9. They were both murdered by the Nazis.