Jacob Krauter was born into an orthodox family. The Krauter family settled in Budapest and Jacob enrolled in the School of Decorative Arts, where he discovered Hungarian popular art. He arrived in Paris in 1931 and studied at André Lhote’s Academy. He painted constantly and was very involved in the Parisian cultural life. He continuously tried to improve his art and refused to exhibit as he considered that his work had not yet reached maturity. He also took an interest in music. When the war broke out, Krauter enlisted in the French army. He was discharged in 1940 and hid at a friend’s at night. One morning in August 1941, as he thought that he was no longer in danger, he went back home and was arrested. He was interned in Drancy for fourteen months during which period he took care of the children in the camp. Jacob Krauter was deported on September 11, 1942 on convoy number 31. He was murdered in Auschwitz.