Manfred Starkhaus’s parents were originally from Poland. They fled the pogroms and emmigrated to Germany; however, they could not settle there because of the racial laws in effect. The Starkhaus family then found refuge in Saint-Louis near Basel and later in Auch in the Gers department. Manfred Starkhaus studied at a high school in Auch and graduated with honors. He drew incessantly and painted landscapes of the region. In 1939, his mother, who felt that staying in France would become dangerous, decided to emmigrate to the United States. However, she could not, as she did not have sufficient financial means. Manfred Starhaus was arrested on February 24, 1943 and was imprisoned in Auch. He was interned in Drancy on March 2, 1943, and deported on April 4. He was murdered by the Nazis.