Chana Gitla KOWALSKA
January 3, 2019
January 3, 2019

Nathalie KRAEMER


Nathalie Kraemer was born in Paris on April 28, 1891 to Nathalie Armance Frissonnet, originally from Champagne, and Isidore Kraemer from Strasbourg in Alsace Lorraine. Her father was an Israelite, and her mother was not Jewish and did not convert, no one from her father's family was present at her wedding. The Family lived at 7 rue Magenta in the 10th arrondissement. Natalie’s father was an antique dealer like his brother Lucien in Paris. In 1875 He owned an impressive and lucrative antique business selling "Tapestry, Antique Furniture, Curiosities and Paintings". Tragically, Nathalie's father died at the age of 31, an only child. Nathalie Kraemer grew up in Paris and rom a young age, she took an interest in art and poetry, and later on winning a literary prize in 1927 for a collection of poems entitled “Rising Voices”.

In 1913, Nathalie Kraemer married a Jewish man named Nathan Marcel Levy. She moved to the city of Vichy, in central France, and lives with the Lévy family at 2 bis rue Couturier. In 1905, Marcel's father, Paul, opened a furniture store in Vichy, Place de la Poste, with his two sons. She devoted most of her time to painting, and is particularly productive between 1936 and 1938. In May 1940, Nathalie Kraemer exhibited her work for the last time, in the exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists at the Palais de Chaillot on the esplanade of Trocadero. A month later, while France was occupied (June 1940), Kraemer is forbidden to exhibit and sell his works. During the war, Nathalie Kraemer hid but continued to paint. In 1943 she was arrested and transported to Auschwitz. Mr. Granziani, a collector, saved some of her paintings. Today, her paintings are at Haifa University (Oscar Guez Collection) in Israel and at the Petit Palais Museum in Geneva.