Yehuda COHEN


Yehuda Cohen came from a family of craftsmen. In 1918, he decided to leave for Palestine to study painting in the Bezalel art school in Jerusalem. In 1923, he organized an exhibition at this school. Encouraged by his teachers, he went to Europe in 1925 and visited Florence, Brussels, and Paris with his friend Madim Zarudinsky. In Paris, he married a young woman who was also from Thessaloniki and worked at a clothing workshop. When she died, as tradition would have it, he married her youngest sister with whom he had children. Yehuda Cohen painted landscapes and village scenes, illustrated passages from the Bible and made many ink drawings. In order to provide for his family, he worked on a building site. On November 7, 1942, he was interned in Drancy with his wife, children, and parents-in-law. On November 1, 1942, they were deported on convoy 45. They were murdered in Auschwitz.