ADLER Jankel       BERLEWI Henryk     ARONSON Naoum

  BONDY Walter            CARP Esther       

         CHAGALL Marc   FEDER Adolphe   CZOBEL Béla   

          EBICHE Eugène             EPSTEIN Henri       FARKAS Istvan

     FASINI Alexandre       FREUNDLICH Otto 

 GOTTLIEB Leopold     

  GRANOWSKY Samuel     HAYDEN Henri          INDENBAUM Léon      

JACOB Max            KARS Georges      KIKOÏNE Michel    

KOLNIK Arthur            KISLING Moïse  

KOWALSKA Chana Gitla            KRAMSZTYK Roman 

  KREMEGNE Pinchus         LÉVY Rudolf             LIPCHITZ Jacques     MARCOUSSIS Louis        MAREVNA 

      MODIGLIANI Amedeo 

    MENKÈS Sigmund   

  MUTER Mela          MANÉ KATZ       

NADELMAN Elie           ORLOFF Chana     

PASCIN Jules             PRINNER Anton             RYBACK Issachar      

SEGALL Lasar       Chaim SOUTINE 

                    SZALIT-MARCUS Rahel              WEINGART Joachim  

ZAK Eugene     ZADKINE Ossip


We were a band of children at the heder, already detached from Talmudic studies for an entire

generation but fed on the leaven of analysis.

Having only just taken up pencil and brush, we immediately started dissecting not only the

world around us but ourselves.

Who were we?

What was our place in the concert of nations?

What was our culture?

And what should our art be?

All this was settled in a few towns in Lithuania, Byelorussia and Ukraine, and continued in Paris


El Lissitzky, Rimmon/Milgroïm, n°3, Berlin, 1923